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Our Main Speakers

Not a final list! Speakers are being added every day!

This is just a starting list of our amazing lineup of speakers that we have for this year’s Homeschool Connect Expo.  We will have different tracks for where you are at: parents, groups, students, bloggers, and more.  We will also have breakout sessions, seminars, and rountables to discuss topics, how-tos, and why you do what we do.  Teens will love their track because we have ministry, business, college, and entrepreneur leaders to help show all that is available to them after graduation.

Ken Ham
President of Answers in Genesis

Warren Cole Smith
Colson Center: VP of Mission Advancement

Sam Sorbo
Home School Advocate, Writer & Entertainment Professional, Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Host

Micah Clark
Executive Director of American Family Association

Patti Garibay
Founder American Heritage Girls

Davis Carman
President of Apologia

Tina Marie Griffin
Counter Culture Mom
Former Hollywood actress, Pop culture expert, speaker, author

Dr. Charles Ware
President Emeritus Crossroads Bible College

Rachael Carman

Andrew Pudewa
Director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing

Diana Waring
Speaker, Writer, & Online teacher at Diana Waring Presents

Isaac Morehouse
CEO of the career launch platform

Josh White
Author / Pastor: Canvas San Francisco

Paul Bass
Producer of Homeschool Highways and Around The Bend

Clayton Louis Ferrara
Executive Director of IDEAS For Us, Biologist, Writer

Blake Kirby
Founder Daddykirbs Farm

Eric Roberts
Christian guitarist, author and worship leader

Kevin Conover
Educate For Life

Sally Matheny
Freelance writer & blogger

Jay Dennis

Katherine O’Brien, MA CCPS
Founder, Celtic College Consultants

Chris Castro, CPB, LEED GA
City of Orlando: Director, Office of Sustainability & Resilience

Katie Kimball
Kids Cook Real Food

Barry Harnick
Elanco: Director of Third Party and Information Risk Management

Bob Sjogren
International Speaker & Author

Jean Burk
College Prep Genius

Tom Clark
President of VideoText Interactive

Candace Finley

Moira Chrzanowski
Rooted In Language

Fouad Masri
President at Crescent Project

Akeelah Kuraishi
Little Global Citizens

John W. Samples
President at Christian Holyland Foundation

Jason Kandel
Co-Founder at 3rd Person Inc.

Jon & Amanda Degler
Missionaries to Thailand

Josh & Tori Simos
Missionaries to the Dominican Republic

Tim Detellis
President at New Missions

David Snell
President of The Fuller Center For Housing

Flora Smith
Owner of Details Construction Group

Steve Zukerman
Director / Producer
Owner: Soapbox Media

Rene Gutteridge
Novelist, Screenwriter, Freelance Writer

Sam Gaw
Owner Local Element Media

Kyle Justice
Compel Media

Yvette Hampton
School House Rocked

Aby Rinella
His Calling. Our Passion

Karen DeBeus
Simply Living For Him

Seth Ulrich
Creative Arts Pastor at Generations Christian Church

Stacy Farrell
Homeschool Adventure

Stephanie Carrico

Lisa Headley

Roundtable Discussion: Graduated Homeschoolers

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