2020 Homeschool Connect Expo Date:  March 25 – 29

Exhibitors of Homeschool Connect Expo event will immediately feel how different and wonderful these events are when compared to traditional shows.

The Hassle-Factor is gone! No need to dust off bulky expo setups and spend time hauling them around town when you could be working with clients. With Homeschool Connect Expo, companies carry on with daily activities while potential buyers gather in their “booth” to get the information they need.

“Homeschool Connect Expo offers NATIONAL exposure at a FRACTION of the cost of one traditional show”

The Space-Fillers are gone! Homeschool Connect Expo strives to only include vendors specific to the theme of the event. Vendors must have strong reputations and be able to provide the best services to attendees. No space-fillers will be allowed…or needed…because we don’t have a convention room to fill.

The list of benefits is never-ending but read on to see what we think are some big ones!

2020 Homeschool Connect Expo Vendors:

(Updated weekly)

12 Gates Publishing
36 University ACT Prep
ABC Mouse
Academic Superstore
AFA Indiana
American Heritage Girls
American School
Animo Games
Answers In Genesis
Apologetics Fiction
Appalachian Bible College
Area Stage Company
Av-STEM Alaska
Barefoot Ragamuffin Curricula
Beartooth Mountain Christian Ministries
Berry College
Blackbird & Company
Bob Jones University
Boundary Stone
Brain Sprints
Breaking the Barrier, Inc.
Bridgeway Academy
Bryan College Dual Enrollment
Building Tomorrow’s Generation
Catholic Schoolhouse
Campus Book Rentals
CEI Bookstore/Truth Publications
Celtic College Consultants
Central Christian College of Kansas
Channies Visual Handwriting
Charleston Southern University
Christian Holyland Foundation
Chuck Colson Center
Classic Learning Test
Clonlara School
College Prep Genius
Columbia International University
Common Sense Press
Constitution Quest
Core Knowledge Foundation
Crescent Project
Crossroads Bible College
CTC Math
Culture of Life Studies Program
DaddyKirbs Farm
Demme Learning / Math U See
Dianne Craft “Right Brain” Learning System
Discount School Supply
East Texas Baptist University
Easy Grammar Systems
Elemental Science
Exam Edge
Exploring Nature Educational Resourse
Family Literacy Centers
Greek ‘n’ Stuff
High School Math Live
His Vessel Academy
History Revealed
Home School Navigator

Home Science Tools
Homeschool Transition Coach
Horse Lovers Math
Indiana State University
Institute for Excellence In Writing
Ivy Kids Kits
Johnson University
Lead 4 Change
Liberty Rings
Math Inspirations
Mister Art
Montessori Services
Mott Media
Mr. D Math Curriculum
National Park Mystery Books
North Greenville University
Oak Meadows
Ohio Christian University
Oklahoma City University
Open Tent Academy
Pacific Northwest College Of Art
Personalized Educational Pathways
Professor B Math
Protect Young Minds
Purposeful Design Publications
Reading Corner Online
Real Science-4-Kids
Realm Makers Bookstore
Reformation Bible College
Right Start Math
Ripley’s Believe It Or Not
Rooted in Language
Scarborough College
Science For High School
Sheet Music Plus
Simply Coding
Singapore Math Live
Sonlight Curriculum
Southern Science Supply
Sycamore Academy
Take Time For Art
Talk Box
Taylor University Online
Teaching Cursive This Method Works!
Tel Library
Textbook Underground
The College at Southeastern
The Critical Thinking Co
The Good and the Beautiful
The Kingdom Code
The Medical Transcription Service
Timothy Plan
Trinity Harbor Education Services
University of Oregon
UnLock Math
Waypoint Geographic, LLC
We Choose Virtues
Wheaton College
Wings to Soar Online Academy
Write Minded Education

Why Don’t You Join Us?


The costs associated with a traditional event can reach several thousand dollars when you start to add up booth fees, printed materials, parking, convention foods, employee pay to man booths and give-a-ways.  The cost per lead of these shows is high!

With Homeschool Connect Expo, there is just one small fee. Oh sure, you can have an add-on or two, but they are only there for extra help and by no means required.