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Thank You For Checking Out Our First Ever HCE Online Homesteading Fair

Sam & Kelly Gaw - Founders of Homeschool Connect Expo

Dear Attendee,

THANK YOU!  Thank you for your continued support of The Homeschool Connect Expo and this first-ever HCE Online Homesteading Fair.  

Homeschooling and homesteading are near and dear to our hearts here at HCE and in our family.  We not only homeschooled our 3 kids from beginning to end but helped set them on their path to find spouses that had the same mindset as them.  We currently have 3 grandbabies and the 4th coming next month who will be homeschooled.

Last year, for the first time ever, we moved outside of a subdivision and bought a farm to homestead on just outside of Atlanta, GA.  We are loving life as we grow our farm and independence from the food supply chain.  We have raised meat chickens and turkeys, have a full flock of egg layers, and a large garden area.  We are looking at adding 2 pigs to the farm in the spring and will keep growing our gardens larger and larger.

Our oldest grandson (3 years old) loves helping in the garden and already knows how to plant and harvest multiple items plus he loves helping with our chickens (and they LOVE him too).

There are SO many wonderful lessons inside the garden and on the farm.  You can even do most things homesteading inside of a subdivision or on a smaller yard.  Just jump in and get started.  Above are some of our favorite YouTubers that both homeschool and homestead.  They have so much content to learn from…I hope you subscribe to their channels.

Thanks again for being part of this homesteading fair.  We will continue to grow this segment to help share what all you can do in your backyard and on your land.


Sam & Kelly Gaw