Antoinette LaGrossa | Homeschool Connect Expo 2020
About the Speaker

Veteran homeschool mom of five children (now ages 10 to 3 adults), Antoinette LaGrossa has been homeschooling since 2001. Having experienced her son’s frustration with multiple math programs, Antoinette knows first-hand the struggle and frustration that can come with teaching math. Thankfully, everything changed in 2004 when her family tried ShillerMath Kit I. Amazed by the success and enjoyment the Montessori-based, multi-sensory teaching brings to students of all abilities, Antoinette joined the ShillerLearning team. She is passionate about helping home educators and schools - sharing hands-on learning tips, encouragement, and tips from the practical experience of having homeschooled five very different children (no cookie-cutter molds here) for almost two decades.  Antoinette speaks at conventions across the country and is host of ShillerLearning’s Tuesdays@2.

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