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Carol HendersonHi!  I’m Carol Henderson, author of and

After homeschooling my 5 now-grown kids for over 25 years,  I still enjoy teaching History & Geography for elementary ages in a large homeschool co-op. I plan and create crafts and fun activities every week to help kids love both of these subjects!

Geography —
Let's Go GeographyAfter I had been at the co-op for several years, I was given the opportunity to teach the elementary geography classes. In our internet-connected world, geography is becoming more and more important for kids with every passing year, but at the time a good geography curriculum was still hard to find.

I wanted kids to learn about today’s world — the world they live in — in an age-appropriate way with plenty of hands-on, creative activities.  It soon became obvious I was going to have to create this myself, and over the years, Let’s Go Geography took shape.

After using the curriculum with its activities and crafts for years, the next step was to offer it to others as a downloadable curriculum at, where it is now.

History —
A Book In TimeFrom the earliest days of homeschooling, I loved learning and teaching history with my own kids as a homeschool mom, and even more so since I also taught it at the co-op.

My passion for the topic resulted in a website called, which was (and still is!) a giant reading list with great books for kids organized by historical time period. Most of the recommended books are historical fiction or other fun and engaging titles.

Eventually the site grew to include history crafts, timelines, maps, and more.  And, yes, I still refer to this site for my current history class today! You can find some of the history resources I talk about in my presentations there.

And today...

Today I stay busy keeping up with both websites, teaching at the homeschool co-op, tutoring homeschooled kids, and writing the 3rd year of Let’s Go Geography for publication. I’m thankful to be able to continue teaching and staying involved in the homeschool community even after my kids are grown!

Downloads - Resources

Need additional help with geography? 

Click here to find out how to get the Let's Go Geography unit on ALASKA free! This unit will guide you through each of the activities I talk about in my "Teaching Geography" presentation.  Click this link for details.

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