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About the Speaker

About Dr. Hardin

Scott Hardin holds a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, as well as a Medical Doctor degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin, and has been practicing medicine in Wisconsin since 1997. During his time at medical school and while not a Christian nor creationist, Dr. Hardin became aware of fatal flaws within the naturalistic model of origins and began to question evolutionary doctrine, eventually coming to the realization that creation is the only explanation for how complex, ordered life can exist.

He and his wife have been homeschooling their six children for over 20 years. While homeschooling their oldest sons, Dr. Hardin began to develop Science Shepherd Homeschool Curriculum in response to what he felt was a dearth of quality, higher-level science resources for the homeschool community. After beginning with a middle school Life Science and high school Biology, Dr. Hardin and his family have expanded Science Shepherd to include classes at all grade levels, covering archaeology, chemistry, physics, and more.

If you would like Dr. Hardin to speak at your event, please contact us at ScottHardin@scienceshepherd.com.

The Genesis Interview

Recorded specially for the Homeschool Connect Expo, The Genesis Interview with Dr. Hardin presents his history within the field of science, and his testimony of how he came to accept Biblical creation, and ultimately Jesus Christ. Dr. Hardin also explains basic tenants of the naturalistic and creation models of the origins of life.

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