Karina Fortier | Homeschool Connect Expo 2020
About the Speaker

Karina Fortier has a background in International Development and Political Science from McGill University.

She taught English and French online for several years with Overcome the Barrier, and is now Head of Customer Success with the same company.

Although she is Canadian, she is currently living in Peru with her 3-year old Canadian-Peruvian son. This immersion has allowed her to understand the many benefits of learning Spanish in our interconnected world, as well as the importance of exposing our children to different cultures, ideas, and social environments besides the ones they are accustomed to.

She loves helping kids learn a foreign language thanks to the OCTB platform, which focuses on getting people to SPEAK a language, instead of memorizing grammar rules and vocabulary which they are not able to put together when it's time to speak.

The OCTB platform is perfectly suited to homeschooled children and their parents for several reasons:

Visualization & Continuous Feedback (in real time)

As he speaks, the student sees his mistakes in real time, as well as the teacher's corrections on the platform. He also sees the grammar explanation and the new vocabulary added.


  • Personalized Content Homework (for learners to review their specific mistakes)

After the lesson, the learner receives personalized homework (fill-in-the-blank exercises, reviewing the mistakes committed, and creating sentences with the new vocabulary that he learnt) based on the class content, and on the mistakes he made during class.

  • Lesson-by-Lesson tracking tools (to sustain motivation)

Parents can easily verify if the child completed his homework, and track his progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis thanks to the platform's tracking tools.

Join Karina to discuss the limitations of the K12 curriculum as it stands now; to talk about how Spanish can increase future job prospects for our children; and to explore how early exposure to a foreign language and culture will benefit our children's social development.

Downloads - Resources

Beginner Spanish curriculum


Intermediate Spanish curriculum


Limitations of the foreign language curriculum in K12:  https://youtu.be/Q45orYuKKcg

Speaking Spanish improves career prospects:  https://youtu.be/Lsbk5gb1joQ

Speaking Spanish opens many doors for your children: https://youtu.be/EMyxENog5Z8

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  • http://www.octb.us

  • 9177255119

  • karina@octb.us

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