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Kyle Justice is the Emmy nominated producer of many creation science programs. He is the father of eight children, the oldest being Noah Justice. Kyle has been married for over twenty-nine years to Dawn Justice. Kyle and Dawn homeschool, incorporating most of the kids into the travel, shooting, and marketing of their programs. As they travel in their 36’ motorhome, the kids learn about production, photography, science, geography, public speaking, and public relations. Their brand of creation videos is under the label of Awesome Science Media. Many of their video titles are used for science education in the church, Christian schools, and home school programs.

As a teenager, Kyle Justice began producing television projects in the mid 1980s. He and his twin brother were inspired by their father’s hobby of filmmaking. During his high school years, Kyle heard a presentation on evidence for Creation and the Bible from Dr. Donald Chittick and dreamed one day of producing documentaries on the same subject. Through the 1990s Kyle worked for Moody Bible Institute, The Family Channel, and Regent University. In 1997, together with the newly formed Answers in Genesis ministry, Kyle produced his first creation science DVD project, The X-Nilo Show. In 1999 Kyle became an independent television producer, creating content for major networks such as ESPN, National Geographic, the Outdoor Channel, Fox Sports, and Comcast SportsNet. Kyle continued producing creation science programming by developing “The Creation Network,” a weekly program airing nationally on Sky Angel during 2000–2001.

In 2010 the Justice family took a 25-day road trip across the western United States, visiting several national parks. Kyle took his production gear and shot footage of the parks, as well as Noah in front of the camera talking about various geologic formations from a Biblical worldview. After coming back, they developed the first four episodes of Awesome Science and obtained Master Books as a distributor. During this time Kyle also began working with Dr. Steve Austin and Michael Oard to produce a series of DVDs on Flood geology, including the topics of Mount St. Helens, the Ice Age, and the Missoula Flood. Based on the success of these DVDs, the family began producing additional episodes of Awesome Science, The Heavens Declare series, the Creeping Things series, the Dino Hunter series, The Creation Guys, the Top 10, Science Foundations, and Debunking Evolution. They have many more titles in development and post-production including topics on animals, dinosaurs, and applied science. Some of these projects may include Noah’s other siblings as hosts.

In 2018 ASM established their own VOD platform at AwesomeSciTV.com.  This platform is ideal of home school families because it features programming for all ages and most of the programs have downloadable PDF Study Guides.  AwesomeSciTV is the exclusive platform for many new series and documentaries produced by ASM.  Apps have been developed for subscribers using Apple, Android, and Roku devices.  Families can subscribe monthly or for a year.  The first 7 days are free.

In 2020 ASM has also begun producing AwesomeSciRadio, a half-hour weekly broadcast for radio stations around the world.  The weekly program will also come as a podcast for mobile devices.  Each program shares excerpts from the ASM programming lineup.

The Justice family is adventurous and dedicated to serving God in the area of media ministry, with a focus on science and the Bible. Their programs are now available around the world on DVD, broadcast networks, and their VOD platform at AwesomeSciTV. They currently live in the Pacific Northwest, but look forward to more adventures of how God will use them around the world.

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