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Want To Master The Art & Science of Bodyweight Strength & Skill?

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Hi, I'm Coach Lee, and I'm just like YOU.

You might want to master your body, get into the best shape of your life, overcome fears or obstacles, or learn the ART, or the SCIENCE, or the SAFE, DISCIPLINED, TRANSFORMATIVE physical training of Parkour and Bodyweight Strength.

If so, I'm going to show you how.

I'm a teacher from middle school through college, competitive martial artist, acrobat, artist-painter, youth pastor, husband, father of two, and now own a training facility Pacific Rim Athletics and Online Training Platform and my Team and I have taught THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS.


Not because they train hard and can do incredible things, but because everyone is unique, everyone is special, and everyone has a TON of raw human capability that I want to help you build into your MAXIMUM POTENTIAL!

Through our training, our students...

  1. Travel the world competing and demonstrating Tumbling & Parkour
  2. Perform in shows demonstrating their feats of strength and skill
  3. LEARN the art, science, and health of bodyweight strength and skill for LIFE
  4. Become professionals in this field of discipline as coaches, mentors, and even business owners

So what's our job?

To help you be successful in any or all of those 4 areas...

And ultimately, to help you become the strongest version of yourself.

So thanks for connecting, and if you made it this far, then...

AT MINIMUM grab a subscription to our Online Training Platform...

It'll change your life for the better.

And you can do that here:  https://www.PacificRimAthletics.com/Homeschool

Once you've grabbed your subscription to our Online Training Platform, then you cany BOOK A CALL to speak with us to see if it's a good match to work together in our group & 1 on 1 online virtual coaching...

This is for kids 8+ and teens 12-18 who want to build amazing strength, discipline, and LIFELONG HEALTH.

If that's you, click the link, grab your subscription and dive in to the best training of your life.


Welcome to the Family!

Your coach,


Coach Lee Weiland

➤ Founder, Owner, Head Coach Pacific Rim Athletics
➤ Head Coach Men's Gymnastics, Bodyweight Strength, Adult Transformation
➤ Masters in Teaching and Curriculum and Development
➤ Masters in Theology and Philosophy
➤ Teacher: Art, Math, Language Arts, History, Special Education, Physical Education
➤ Former competitive athlete, 2 black belts, and acrobat
➤ United States of America Gymnastics Certified Coach
➤ World Federation of Parkour and Freerunning Certified Instructor
➤ World Calisthenics Organization Certified Instructor
➤ International Sports Science Association Certified Personal Trainer
➤ Taught 1,000's of students
Coach Alexis Weiland
➤ Co-Founder, Owner, Lead Coach Pacific Rim Athletics
➤ Head Coach Cirque, Acrobatics, Flexibility, Adult Transformation
➤ Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders
➤ Speech Language Therapist for schools and hospitals
➤ Former competitive athlete and dance
➤ United States of America Gymnastics Certified Coach
➤ World Federation of Parkour and Freerunning Certified Instructor
➤ Taught 1,000's of students
Helping people since 1996.
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