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    June 9, 2021 at 4:19 pm

    November 5, 2020

    Dear Concerned Parent,
    Hello, my name is Teresa Williams and am the parent of a child that has Dyslexia. If you are reading this, I am willing to bet that you are feeling the same way I did when on January 10, 2019 I saw my daughter’s results of the Lexercise online quiz. I can remember like it was yesterday, the panic I felt when I saw all of the areas in which my child had a deficit.
    I can remember crying and being upset, as “mom guilt” set in and I started wondering if the time I was working a traditional job, was taking away from the needed support my child needed. I remember the feeling of feeling like a failure as a parent, and that because of it my child was already testing well below grade level and that it was my fault. And then the phone rang.
    On the other end of the phone would be the calming voice of Amanda Bush M.E.d, who would not only be my daughter’s therapist but go on to become a dear friend of our family. Amanda heard the panic and fear in my voice as grappled with the notion that my daughter would always struggle academically due to having Dyslexia. Before the phone call ended, Amanda calm my fears and educate me on the disorder of Dyslexia. She and assured me that with constant practice and support, Aubrey, my daughter could not only meet grade level expectations, but would learn the necessary skills to maintain or exceed them.
    Fast forward to November 2020, within the next three weeks my daughter will be completing all 26 levels of the Lexercise program, and I could not be happier with where she is now academically. If you are on the fence about whether or not the investment in this program, let me share with you a few highlights of Aubrey’s progress while working with Amanda
    January 2019 my daughter Aubrey was reading well below 1st grade level and was struggling with math concepts, had weaknesses in phonics, word analysis, fluency, comprehension, and spelling.
    May 2019 per her school’s progress report Aubrey was meeting state expectations.
    October 2020 Aubrey’s MAP Scores showed that she was ABOVE grade level for reading.
    I cannot thank Amanda enough for being more than just a Lexercise therapist, but a loving, kind, supportive, and encouraging person who:
    Went above and beyond to review data from Aubrey’s school to provide necessary and informative feedback to both to myself and my daughter’s school educational team.
    Attended and advocated for Aubrey during her annual 504 meeting.
    Assisted Aubrey in developing test taking strategies that would help her be successful during state mandated testing.
    Provided support and encouragement to me, by providing invaluable and detailed feedback on Aubrey’s progress, and areas that still needed to be further nurtured.
    Amanda has been a Godsend to Aubrey, and she has cried with me in the beginning, and rejoiced with me as Aubrey progressed and overcame her academic challenges.
    I encourage, no plead with you, to invest in your child(ren), so that your child(ren) can, with the help of Amanda get the tools he/she/they need to succeed academically.

    With Sincerest Gratitude,

    Teresa J. Williams
    Parent of Aubrey P.

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