Tina Piper | Homeschool Connect Expo
About the Speaker

Tina Piper is the founder and CEO of Luma Learn and a homeschooling mother of eight. Continually looking for ways to connect homeschooling families with expert online teachers, Tina's goal is to give homeschooling moms the ability to find quality online classes, taught by Christian professionals, at a price they can afford. In doing so, homeschooling moms (and dads) get the break they need while still being the managers of their children’s education. While her online platform has connected many homeschool students with the perfect online class for them, her greatest accomplishment has been raising eight unique children to serve as Christ's ambassadors on this earth.

Tina knows first hand the struggles that homeschooling parents face with fitting everything into an already busy schedule, let alone trying to optimize the quality of their children’s education.  It's for these reasons that she started Luma Learn. Often, Tina will remind moms of the words of an airline attendant after showing the oxygen masks at the start of a flight: "Put on your own mask first so that you’re able to properly take care of your child’s." Obviously, there’s a similar principle in life.  If you don’t take care of yourself and give yourself much-needed breaks, you’ll have nothing left to give your children.

Tina lives in beautiful southeastern Pennsylvania near the Amish communities. She can frequently be found talking about organic food, natural health, or raising children. She is married to the most wonderful man, who just happens to be from Australia. Together, they have 8 beautiful children.

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