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Vinod Agrawal has over 30 years of experience tutoring - working with kids from all walks of life, many from homeschooling families. He started tutoring math in his early high school years. He continued his passion for tutoring math throughout his college years and well beyond into his professional career as an engineer. He felt that many students could use a little extra help in math, but most didn't have affordable means to get that much needed help. Most parents didn't have the time or necessary math skills to meet this important need for their students. They were desperately looking for an affordable option that could do the teaching and grading for them.

This is when Mr. Agrawal decided to develop an online program that can cater to homeschool families as well as those with kids in traditional schools across the US and beyond. His program takes the stress of teaching and grading math away from the parents, freeing up their valuable time. A+ Interactive Math program has been serving the community for over 7 years now.

He has included many of the "Tips & Tricks" he used with his students over the years when tutoring math. A+ Interactive Math makes learning math easy and fun for students using computer animated video lessons, interactive review, practice worksheets, chapter tests, automatic grading & tracking, easy to read progress reports and much more.

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Free 1-month Family Math Package.

Let this program do the work for you! It teaches and grades for you. You save time & become stress-free. Use it free with upto 10 students. Includes 1st-6th, Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.

FREE eBook Download

Math Activities eBook. 192 Pages with 150+ fun-filled activities, over 500 real world math problems.

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