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One More Reason For Parents To Homeschool

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If you weren’t already convinced about homeschooling, this video should help you understand that you are making the right choice by homeschooling.

The below video is from a Carmel Clay School Board meeting about the books that are given out or available to all school-age kids inside the school system.  I know this school system.  I raised my family just outside of this school system.  It is inside Hamilton County Indiana and is one of the top-performing school systems in the US inside one of the wealthiest counties in the US and is very conservative.

What really hit me is that I know one of the women speaking on the video.  She is a super sweet Godly woman that raised great children.  It hurt to watch her speak the words of a rape scene inside of one of the books.  My frustration grew thinking about the kids reading this junk.

Now that I’ve set the stage of the video, here it is:

Sam Gaw

Sam Gaw

Sam is the Co-Founder of Homeschool Connect Expo and Founder of EXPOconnect Online, the company who built this online conference platform 2 years prior to the Covid pandemic.

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